Preventative Roof Maintenance

A roof system is a critical component of your investment in your property – it protects your building, tenants, staff, and operations. Roofs are often one of the most overlooked components of a building, despite being one of the most expensive to replace.

This “out of sight, out of mind approach” often results in:

  • Exclusion of coverage provided by roof system warranties;
  • Expensive emergency leak calls;
  • Associated water-related damages and operational down-time;
  • Minor roof system deficiencies becoming major repair items;
  • Higher average costs over the service-life of your roof system;
  • Shortened service-life and sub-optimal performance of your roof system;
  • Compromising the overall integrity of your roof system.

Our preventative roof maintenance program consists of semi-annual preventative maintenance services and documented visual reviews of your roof system and its existing condition.

With this program you will only pay for the work completed up to a predetermined cost limit. The visual review reports are complimentary and are not charged to your account. This report includes a roof profile, photographs of your roof system before and after the completion of the work, and an overall opinion of your roof system’s existing condition. CAD roof plan drawings may also be produced at an additional cost if requested.

“As long as the cost of maintenance is less than 1.6 percent of the initial cost of the maintained roof – on an annual basis – [the cost] will be less than the unmaintained roof.”

Peter Kalinger, Technical Director – Canadian Roof Contractor’s Association (CRCA)

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