Flat roof

Introduction to Flat Roof Systems

A roof protects the top structure of a building from precipitation, sun, wind, and other elements- and it is expected to do so for a long time.

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Built-Up Roof (BUR)

The built-up roof (BUR) membrane is typically constructed of four plies laminated together with liquid hot asphalt bitumen and surfaced with ballast.

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Modified bitumen flat roof replacement - Can-Sky Roofing and Sheet Metal Inc. - Milton, Ontario

Modified Bitumen

Modified bitumen (mod-bit) roofs consist of two plies of reinforced mod-bit membranes that are fused together with either liquid hot asphalt bitumen...

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Single-ply Roofing

Single-ply roof systems are composed of one ply of roof membrane. This membrane can be any one of a number of different materials that may be adhered, mechanically fastened, or ballasted to create your roof system.

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Roof Membrane

Protected Membrane Roof Systems

Protected Membrane Roof (PMR) systems are also referred to by a number of different names including inverted roof membrane assemblies (IRMA) and ‘upside-down’ roof assemblies.

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Flat Roof Slope

A well designed roof system incorporates a slope to the surface supporting the roof membrane- the substrate. This slope allows for accumulated water to drain sufficiently, mitigating the risk of roof ponding.

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Certified Applicator Status

Can-Sky Roofing and Sheet Metal is a certified applicator using certain manufacturers’ systems. We are experienced in working with the following manufacturers’ systems and products:

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Here at Can-Sky Roofing we work closely with Agway Metals, Beacon Roofing Supply, Color Steels, Convoy Supply, ROOFMART, SPAR-Marathon and Vicwest as suppliers.

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Flat Roof Core Cut Test

Core Cut Test

A core cut test is a useful and simple diagnostic tool for your flat roof system. A core cut test uses a tool called a core cutter to extract a sample of a building’s existing flat roof system. There are a number of reasons to perform a core cut test prior to a roof replacement or retrofit.

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