PVC (Polyvinyl chloride)

PVC roofing membranes do not contain organic material.

These roofs consist of a single ply of PVC roofing membrane. PVC is classified as a weldable thermoplastic, meaning it can be hot-air welded. PVC and TPO are not compatible for welding with each other. Some roof system manufacturers report that the welded seam of their membranes are stronger than the membrane itself. Often, these materials are mixed with other compounds to enhance the material’s properties such as fire and UV radiation resistance. Although available in a variety of colors, PVC roofing is sometimes called ‘white roofing’ or ‘cool roofing’.

PVC is only available in reinforced formats – reinforcement is either of polyester or fiberglass scrim fabric.

PVC is typically applied as a fully adhered or mechanically fastened system and the material remains weldable throughout its service life.

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Can-Sky Roofing and Sheet Metal is a certified applicator of the following manufacturers’ PVC roofing systems:

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