Roof Replacement and Retrofit

There are two categories of solutions when a roof has exhausted its service life:

Roof Replacement

Replacement of the failing roof including safe and legal disposal of all associated debris from the existing system and a new roof built in-place to written specifications. Roof replacements may be completed in smaller sections over a timeline, allowing for budgeting considerations and operational flexibility.

Roof Retrofit

This solution involves installing a new roof overtop the existing roof system. It often includes reusing certain materials in the existing roof system (such as gravel or dry lumber) in attempted recovery construction solutions of the failing roof. This approach is typically less expensive than a roof replacement.

In determining whether a roof replacement or retrofit will be more appropriate for a client we consider the effect of this construction on our client’s operations within the building, as well any financial constraints that may exist. Additional services in this type of project include installation of new drainage units, curb/sleeper removals and installations, and sheet metal work.

Several solutions may exist for roofs that have exhausted their service life.

To see some of our recently completed Roof Replacement and Retrofit projects – visit our Project Gallery.

Roof Retrofit
Flat Roof Replacement
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